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Tree Topper in approximately 10 inch for large trees or 7 inch for smaller trees.
Table Decoration
Choose the size (10 inch or 7 inch) color material, ribbon and wings for your AngeliCat.  Have a certain type or color kitty in mind for your angel?  The AngeliCat pictured is modeled after a white, green eyed domestic short hair kitty named K.C. 
All AngeliCats are hand sculpted and made from new materials.  They are approximately 10 inches or 7 inches tall, and you can choose from several material, wing and ribbon colors.   Currently we have a domestic short hair or domestic long hair cat type to choose from, but please remember that a custom AngeliCat that be made.  All AngeliCats are white unless you tell us.  Making your beloved pet an AngeliCat can be done by telling us so under "Special Requests" in the email order form and attaching a full face photo of the kitty you want us to use.  Are you thinking I wish I could do this for my dog?  Visit "Custom Order" and email us.  We will see what we can do.
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